Homemade Raspberry Apple sauce

apple raspberry sauce recipe

We all love apple sauce. Have you tried adding raspberry in your homemade apple sauce? The result is amazing, and little girls feel as they eat a magic pink fruit sauce. I like to add lemon for a nice colour and if you don’t overcook the fruits, this sauce will be full of flavour. Ingredients: 2 kg […]

Apple muffins recipe

Apple muffins recipe

This is a healthy recipe of apple muffins, because it has good ingredients for your health: brown sugar, whole wheat flour and canola oil. It’s a low fat recipe, but delicious and full of flavor from the applesauce and cinnamon. The original recipe is from one of the Ellie Krieger’s muffin recipes, which you can […]

Gluten free cookies recipe with coconut, fruits and walnuts

Eggless cookies recipe with coconut, fruits and walnuts

This cookies are incredible and don’t require any amount of flour and it’s a gluten free recipe. Are healthier than the usual cookies, with good ingredients and so remarkable when you take the first bite. It’s a different texture and really nice flavoured from the coconut. Ingredients for eggless cookies with coconut: 2 cups chopped walnuts 1 cup […]